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CAPP Ecopipette Single Channel Pipette

Ecopipette: The Premium Single-channel Pipette

Packed with ground-breaking features all around, CAPP’s innovative Ecopipette line of single-channel pipettes is designed to take manual liquid-handling workflows to a whole new level. With industry-leading accuracy and precision, Ecopipette laboratory pipettes minimize human error and maximize the reliability of manual liquid transfer in scientific experiments. By offering unparalleled quality and durability, Ecopipette single-channel pipettes are the laboratory pipette investment that holds value over time. Let’s outline a few reasons why you should invest in Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes today.

Robust Autoclavable Pipette

As customers have come to expect from CAPP products, Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes are truly accurate and truly robust. Crafted from the best materials, each single-channel pipette features a fully autoclavable body (except for the volume controller knob) to minimize the transfer of contaminants during pipetting. With each critical component intentionally designed and manufactured from premium quality metals, Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes do not need preventive maintenance unlike certain plastic-based alternatives on the market. Additionally, the well-thought-out metallic design of these premium quality laboratory pipettes minimizes the chances of damage resulting from accidental drops. Lastly, the durable seals and double O-rings that do not need to be replaced make Ecopipette laboratory pipettes more cost-effective when compared with the high maintenance alternatives on the market.

High-accuracy Laboratory Pipette

Thanks to their metallic construction, Ecopipette single-channel pipettes feature class-leading liquid transfer accuracy for all suitable applications. With a metallic shaft that does not wear out, these laboratory pipettes are designed to keep in calibration for longer. Double O-rings on the tip cones of these unique laboratory pipettes create an effective seal that makes it easy for users to transfer their desired volume with pin-point accuracy every single time. These innovative double O-rings on Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes further enable universal compatibility with a broad range of tips. This means you are assured of unparalleled accuracy across a broad range of tips from leading laboratory pipette brands.

Ergonomic Laboratory Pipette

Designed with a carefully crafted contoured body, Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes offer excellent ergonomics for all-day use. To combat the negative effects of repetitive strain injury, Ecopipette single-channel pipettes feature a super-smooth piston stroke and an exceptionally low thumb load for aspiration and blow-out. A carefully curved finger rest and curved body help ensure a comfortable grip while transferring liquids with these outstanding autoclavable pipettes. The innovative double O-rings on Ecopipette single-channel pipettes also enhance comfort by doing away with the need to “hammer” tips on the rack. With luxuriously smooth tip fitting and a wide, color-coded tip ejection pad, Ecopipette single-channel pipettes offer an exceptionally pleasant level of comfort and ergonomics.

Innovative Single-channel pipette

Featuring an exchangeable counter mechanism, the Ecopipette line of laboratory pipettes stands out as a beacon of innovation. This time-saving feature that is unique to Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes allows users to quickly switch between different volume capacities without changing their single-channel pipettes. Each pipette counter is color coded for users to quickly select the correct volume for liquid transfer. With a wide selection of low-cost variable or fixed volume counters, Ecopipette laboratory pipettes enable easy customization and exceptional flexibility for end-users. Note: the exchangleable volume counters are not autoclavable but should be cleaned using common mild cleaning agents.

Laboratory pipettes with easy volume control

By leveraging the innovative features baked into Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes, users can experience easy and accurate volume control at all times. Requiring only half as many turns as other pipettes, Ecopipette single-channel pipettes allow for fast and convenient volume setting. The exchangeable volume counters feature a well-positioned display that will not be obscured by the user as they transfer liquids with their laboratory pipette. A unique volume locking device enables Ecopipette laboratory pipettes to offer accurate and repeatable volume transfers always. With easy recalibration built-in, Ecopipette single-channel pipettes lower both downtime and replacement costs.

Ecofriendly single-channel pipettes

“In case you were wondering, the “”Eco-“” in Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes stands for CAPP’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Each single-channel pipette in this product line is carefully manufactured to exacting standards so as to extend its usable life, minimizing the environmental impact of frequent disposal of laboratory pipettes. Additionally, Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes are supplied in premium quality, biodegradable packaging. The environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging of Ecopipette autoclavable pipettes is specifically designed to minimize carbon accumulation and keep our planet safe for everyone. With CAPP Ecopipette laboratory pipettes you have a true partner in environmental care and stewardship.

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