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CAPPRondo CR-22P Microplate Centrifuge

The newly released CAPP CR-22P microplate centrifuge is a feature-packed microplate centrifuge for two microplates. Designed to spin down samples from a range of protocols, this innovative microplate centrifuge for two microplates has a broad range of applications in several branches of life and health sciences. With its compact size, extensive feature set, and competitive pricing, the CAPP CR-22P microplate centrifuge is the perfect addition to any life or health sciences laboratory. Whether you are in molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, genetic engineering, proteomics research, or any of the other blossoming fields of modern life science, the CAPP CR-22P has something to offer you. In this article, we will highlight some of the key features of this brand-new microplate centrifuge and why it would be the perfect addition to your workspace.

Microprocessor controlled PCR Plate Spinner

Unlike older microplate centrifuges, the CAPP CR-22P PCR plate spinner features an innovative, fully integrated microprocessor control system. With a modern microprocessor architecture, users now have more control over each run of the 96 well plate centrifuge. By leveraging the latest advancements in modern microprocessors, scientists working with the CAPP CR-22P PCR microplate centrifuge can adjust time and speed settings via an intuitive digital interface with an exacting degree of finesse and accuracy. This PCR plate spinner is so tightly calibrated that operators can be sure their user-defined run settings are exactly what the microplate centrifuge executes with each run. Such attention to detail is only possible because of the new microprocessor architecture of the CAPP CR-22P PCR microplate centrifuge. Additionally, the CAPP CR-22P 96 well plate centrifuge supports a last-run feature that conveniently allows users to continue from previously defined run settings.

Intuitive Microplate Centrifuge

The CAPP CR-22P PCR microplate centrifuge is decked with an intuitive user interface, making it extremely easy for users to adjust the 96 well plate centrifuge’s operating parameters. At the top of this microplate centrifuge’s front-facing control panel is a large digital display that always gives users a snapshot of the operating conditions of the PCR microplate centrifuge. Below the digital display are two rows of responsive, soft-touch buttons that make it easy for users to adjust the spin speed, centrifugal force, and run time. Three LED lights on the display panel provide an intuitive visual cue that makes it easy for users to be fully aware of the setting that they are adjusting, reducing the risk of adjusting the wrong operating parameter. A Stop/Open button serves as an emergency cut-off switch for those times when users may need to cancel a run on the microplate centrifuge. For safety, the lid will only open after the rotor of the 96 well plate centrifuge has fully stopped. The CAPP CR-22P PCR microplate centrifuge allows the storage of two user-defined programs for faster access to frequently used spin settings.

Compact 96 Well Plate Centrifuge

One of the most visually striking aspects of the CAPP CR-22P microplate centrifuge for two microplates is its compact size. This compact PCR plate spinner has a footprint of 330 x 265 mm, a height of 161 mm, and a weight of 4 Kg (without rotor). With such compact dimensions, the CAPP CR-22P microplate centrifuge can easily fit in some of the smallest spaces on any workbench, while delivering the full power of a 96 well plate centrifuge. An additional benefit of the compact size of this modern microplate centrifuge for two microplates is its low loading height. PCR plate spinners with a low loading height would be preferable because of the ergonomic advantages they present over 96 well plate centrifuges with much larger dimensions. The low loading height of the CAPP CR-22P microplate centrifuge for two microplates also makes it more accessible to a broader number of users with heterogeneous heights and body-size features.

PCR Plate Spinner with brushless DC motor

The CAPP CR-22P microplate centrifuge is powered by a modern brushless DC motor with excellent performance and unparalleled longevity. With its brushless design, the motor of this compact 96 well plate centrifuge will outperform comparatively similar PCR microplate centrifuges that have a traditional motor with brushes. With acceleration and deceleration times of 30 + 5 seconds and 20 + 5 seconds respectively, the motor on the CAPP CR-22P microplate centrifuge is a force to reckon with. The maximum spin speed of this PCR plate spinner is 2500 RPM corresponding to a maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 462g. Additionally, the brushless design of the CAPP CR-22P 96 well plate centrifuge motor requires less maintenance. With no brushes to replace periodically, the CAPP CR-22P microplate centrifuge for two microplates will have far less downtime than a 96 well plate centrifuge with brushes in its motor. Motor brushes can account for a lot of downtime that can reduce laboratory efficiency, more so when there is no technical staff qualified to service the PCR microplate centrifuge. This is the reason we made it easy for you to select the 96 well plate centrifuge with more smiles and fewer headaches.

PCR Plate Centrifuge with enhanced safety features

Microplate centrifuges, just their bigger cousins, present a huge risk of user harm owing to high-speed spinning rotors. As a CAPP product, the new CAPP CR-22P PCR plate spinner is designed with user safety at the very core. An updated automatic imbalance detection prevents the 96 well plate centrifuge from running when users start the microplate centrifuge with an uneven load. This imbalance detection feature protects both users from harm and the microplate centrifuge from damage, keeping the lab a safe place. In addition to this, a lid lock safety mechanism prevents the lid of the 96 well plate centrifuge from opening while the rotor is spinning. This feature prevents accidental opening of the microplate centrifuge’s lid that may result in the throwing of projectiles at the operator or at some other laboratory equipment or reagents. With the CAPP CR-22P PCR microplate centrifuge, the lab is a safer place for everyone.

Technical specifications 

Motor Type Brushless Motor
Max volume 2 microplates (96 & 384 well)
Speed Setting 2.500 RPM / 462xg (Max RCF)
Speed Accuracy ± 100 RPM
Run Time 1 to 99 mins & infinite mode
Acceleration Time 30 + 5 seconds
Deceleration Time 20 + 5 seconds
Dimensions (W x D x H) 330x265x161 mm
Weight 4Kg (without rotor)
Humidity tolerance 80%
Input Voltage 24V, 1.5A
Power Consumption 24W

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