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CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge

CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge has been developed based on a longer research of user feedbacks and expectations. It offers powerful and efficient centrifugation and sustains its high performance over a long time of use. Extremely compact, CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge takes the very minimum of your bench space.

The wide range of rotor options guarantee the most versatile scope of application and the extremely user-friendly interface of CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge enables you to program the device according to your very individual needs. The brushless DC motor technology sustains durability and high performance of CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge over many years of use.

CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge operates with adjustable speed ranging from 500 to 4.500 RPM. Multiple rotor options – with both swing-out and fixed-angle rotors are available. This Universal Centrifuge is equipped with a large, digital display, visualizing multiple parameters in the most visible and comfortable way. 9 acceleration and 9 deceleration modes enable you starting and stopping the device without disturbing fragile samples.

On top of that, CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge has an adjustable timer, which can be set up from 1 to 999 minutes or the infinite centrifugation mode, without any time limitation. The user safety has been increased thanks to the electronic imbalance detection feature, activated by an uneven loading of samples. Additionally, CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge features a Lid Lock Safety Break, ensuring that the lid remains closed until the rotor has fully stopped its operation. The Emergency Lid Release enables you opening the CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge once electricity supply has been disturbed.

To ensure the ultimate centrifugation performance, CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge offers a short spin feature for an ultra-short centrifugation and pelleting. The stainless steel chamber rotor is fully corrosion-free and extremely easy to clean. CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge has an intelligently designed airflow system, preventing the sample temperature from raising up. On the top of that, CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge has a low-height design, enabling you the most easy loading and unloading of samples.

See below technical specifications of CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge​

Specifications CAPPRondo Universal Centrifuge
Speed Range 500 – 4.500 RPM / (g) varies per rotor type
Motor Type Brushless DC motor (BLDC)
Remote Opration Yes, via USB
Display Yes, large LED Display
Timer Setting from 1 to 999 mins or infinite mode
Programmable Yes, up to 99 programs
Imbalance Detection Yes
Rotors (optional) Multiple rotor options (swing-out and fixed-angle rotors)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 595x436x311mm
Weight 23kg (without rotor)

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