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Scinomed iPCM Plasma Collection Machine

The Scinomed Plasma Machine utilises innovative new technology, designed, developed and manufactured by Scinomed.

Combining customer experience, commercial and engineering know-how, Scinomed has taken proven concepts and engineered a device for the future adding safety, process efficiency and productivity.

Using the latest electro-mechanical concepts, combining key components minimises operator touch points. Simplicity enhances work flow efficiency and improves safety. RFID & Barcode readers enhance operational compliance. Integration into networked donor management systems increases productivity. Software driven technology provides built in capability and flexibility for the future.

The PCM can be set up to collect a pre-determined volume of plasma and the red cells are returned safely to the donor. Single use disposable sets are used which include the processing/separation container, tubing set and needle.

The system is manufactured to meet local regulatory requirements including individual label design. It is possible in some cases to custom make products to customer requirements. The system may also be utilised to collect plasma for transfusion where fresh plasma is indicated for patient treatment. 

Enhance Your Donor Experience

  • Smooth pump operation –for increased donor comfort
  • Shorter procedure times – less waiting
  • OLED donor display – enhance donor awareness
  • Small machine footprint – less intimidating, more space
  • Quiet Running – good for all!

Enhance Operational Efficiency

  • Rapid start-up: < 10 second self-test
  • Built in RFID/Bar code data input: improve operational compliance
  • Advanced touchscreen interface and high visibility warning display
  • Simplified disposable installation: fewer steps, quicker loading, fewer errors
  • WiFi/Networked data transmission: fast & accurate paperless procedures
  • Bi-directional capability: future proof, unlimited possibilities
  • Remote troubleshooting capability: quick response, reduced downtime

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