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Annual Pakistan Association of Pathologists Conference 2023

Published on November 2023

Briogene actively participated in the 44th Pakistan Association of Pathologists Conference held at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore. It was also the 9th joint gathering of all Pathology Societies, attracting delegates from diverse disciplines of Pathology and regions across Pakistan. The central theme of the conference revolved around reshaping the future "Post Covid."

The event garnered substantial interest from participants toward Briogene's product lines, acknowledging the company's commendable services across various domains of pathology. It proved to be an exceptionally successful occasion, particularly after a significant gap over the past three years due to the Covid pandemic.

Briogene's team adeptly capitalized on this opportunity, engaging in personalized interactions with many of the potential customers. The team effectively showcased its products, demonstrating their functionalities and advantages to the attending visitors. Overall, the event facilitated crucial face-to-face interactions that were instrumental in fostering connections and interest in Briogene's offerings.

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