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Cost-Effective Solutions for Accurate Clinical Chemistry Testing 

Published on July 2024

Automated Clinical Chemistry Testing  

Automated clinical chemistry analyzers are devices used in laboratories to measure a variety of chemical and biological markers including enzymes, substrates, electrolytes, and metabolites in samples, typically blood, urine, or other body fluids. These analyzers automate many of the manual processes involved in chemical analysis, improving efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.  

The Importance of Quality Control and Standardization in Clinical Chemistry testing 

Accuracy and Reliability  

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of test results is crucial for correct diagnoses and treatment of patients. Quality control measures in clinical labs identify issues such as reagent deterioration, equipment malfunctions, and procedural errors that can compromise result integrity. 


Quality control also helps standardize test results across equipment, reagent lots, laboratories, and over time. The Indiko Analyzer is designed to produce standardized, reproducible results, quality control samples provide ongoing verification of consistency. Standardization allows physicians to compare a patient’s results over multiple visits and properly interpret changes in health conditions. 

Regulatory Compliance  

Regulatory agencies require clinical labs to establish and follow quality control procedures to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and reliability of test results for diagnostic and treatment purposes. The Indiko Analyzer’s built-in quality control features facilitate compliance with regulations from agencies like the FDA and CDC. Quality control results must be documented, reviewed, and addressed according to regulatory standards. 

By implementing a quality control program, clinical labs can monitor performance, troubleshoot issues, standardize results, and maintain regulatory compliance. Physicians and patients depend on the accuracy of clinical chemistry testing for diagnoses and treatment. Quality control is essential for providing the reliable results they need. 

Low Maintenance and Calibration Required  

INDIKO being High-quality laboratory equipment reduces maintenance requirements through self-monitoring features and stable automated calibrations. By streamlining quality control processes, clinical laboratories can focus resources on patient testing rather than equipment maintenance. 

Accurate Results and Minimal Errors  

High-quality laboratory equipment, like INDIKO, incorporates advanced engineering and software to minimize sources of error during analysis. Strict temperature controls, precision optics, and auto-calibration help produce consistent, accurate results test after test. For clinical chemistry testing, even minor inaccuracies can impact patient health and care. Investing in superior equipment, helps clinical laboratories fulfill their responsibility to patients and physicians by providing precise diagnostic results. 

The Indiko Analyzer: An Affordable Option for Reliable Clinical Chemistry Testing  

The Indiko Clinical Chemistry Analyzers are fully automated yet cost-effective solutions for accurate clinical chemistry testing. 

Performance and Ease of Use  

The Indiko Basic and Indiko Plus Analyzers offer uncompromised performance and ease of use for clinical chemistry testing. With throughputs of 200 and 350 photometric tests per hour respectively, they provide versatile automated dilution features and a bi-directional LIS connection. The built-in barcode reader and external barcode interface enhance functionality. An on-board refrigerated reagents compartment and a 12-position filter wheel with different wavelengths ensure precision in measurements. 

User-Friendly System  

The Indiko Analyzers feature an intuitive interface and minimal maintenance requirements. They have a small footprint, fitting easily into any laboratory, and require only a small sample volume to provide rapid and precise results. Their reagent-based technology and liquid ready-to-use reagents minimize errors in the measuring process. 

Reliable and Reproducible Results  

The Indiko Analyzers have integrated quality control features to ensure reliable and reproducible results. Their calibration stability can last up to 4 weeks, with reproducible results during the stable phase of calibration. With on-board auto-dilution and reflex testing abilities, these analyzers maintain high accuracy in testing. 

Affordable Yet High-Quality  

While the Indiko Analyzers are affordably priced, they do not compromise on quality. They provide a high-quality, dependable platform for routine and specialized testing needs. The systems offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio for mid- to high-volume laboratories. Their low maintenance and minimal hands-on time help reduce the total cost of ownership. 

Briogene Pvt. Ltd. provides installation and support for the Indiko Analyzer with its highly skilled and trained technical team and its presence in all regions of Pakistan. For more information on the Indiko Analyzer, please contact us


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